Overdue Refills

Refill on clients who stretches out their appointments or who had to reschedule their appointments. Best mapping: Natural/ open eye is best, this design follows their natural lash. This map will help camouflage the shedding and will flow with the NLNL : focus more on using fillers instead of the design. Fillers will last longer for the ones who does not come regularly.This map is also quicker to do without focusing on a unique design.

Do not remove old lashes. 
Old lashes will shed in few days. Imagine that they do exist. 
Create the new skeleton.
Fill in all missing gaps before you stretch to get to next layer of lashes.
This picture, you can see the new created skeleton using classic .12 C

Start filling in the gaps that are visible

Educate clients that they will be getting light sets due to booking not in the correct timing slots or weeks.