In-person Options

For hands-on training and shadowing.

Hands-on Training

Must Complete Online Course


What to Expect:

Hands-on Training is recommended to see and troubleshoot motor skills, fanning techniques, movements, work environment, placement, etc. It’s great to learn how to make fans in person.

  • You must complete the Foundation & Fundamental’s course. You must practice and bring in homework.
    • Your homework must include:
      • Sponge work (fans)
      • Mannequin work (fans, taping, designs, etc.)
      • Questions on your troubleshooting
      • Pictures of your work, before and after
    • Non-licensed: Hands-on training will be on a mannequin.
    • Licensed: Hands-on training will be on a live model.


Must Complete Online Course

Must Book Appointment


  • What is shadowing?
      • To watch and learn a professional salon setting.
  • Make an appointment for shadowing.
  • Show up on time by a scheduled appointment.
  • 45 minutes of shadowing only.
    • Interaction with clientele.
    • You will be shadowing an advanced master lash artist, so keep in mind, the work and techniques used are advanced. This means that what you see in-person will be completely different than what you see in the Foundation & Fundamentals course (which is basic).
    • You are only able to shadow the online course instructor.
    • You can observe and take notes.

Available for In-person

You must book/make an appointment.

Kim Nguyen




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