Natural Lash

NL: natural lash

  • Most lashes grow o be about 10mm long
  • We call these FILLERS
  • Determine what NL size and shape to fill in the gaps. To add in more fillers of the NL
Most hair has three layers. Blondes have only two layers. Some have more texture and open cuticles.
Open cuticles ready to absorb particles.
When cuticles are closed, extensions slides and pop right off. Oils, makeup, and bacteria closes the cuticles.

Clean hair opens up the cuticles. When you use extra products on the market to prime, I feel that it is layering the cuticles, which will cause retention issues. Some normal hair is too silky and some are hard and will not flex, sometimes it takes extra work to open up the cuticles.

Red: New growth

Purple: Stage 3