Lash Language

Lash maps: creating and designing a look for each individual client.

NL: natural lash

About 85 % people have straight lashes

10% some curls

5% too curly

Filler: determines NL lengths by filling in gaps and adding in more extensions ( the same lengths of the NL to create fillers.)

  • To texture: go shorter or longer , leave NL length for texture
  • To create fillers add length to nl by 1mm
  • To darken lash line: shorten filler by 1mm

Skeleton/spine: creating a perimeter, a balance, a design

The blend: choosing the right curl to blend the disconnection from the skeleton/spine to the filler.

The mapping on paper. Learning from a distance, we will use this template
The skeleton. 
The map on without labeling with marker on the tape. Jovi lash training aim to map without drawing the map.
Left eye: invisible lash mapping created by knowing where your arch lift will start and end.
Right eye: we try to eliminate drawing out a pattern .
When you sketch the skin, you will loose your skeleton on paper. 

Patterns should be created by flowing with the clients brow bone and eye shape.

Skeleton: create the balance so you will never have to worry if your work is out of alinement. 

Recommended: take a before picture so you can see the clients eyes open.

Start filling in the lashes with your lash map. Stay in the boarder perimeter.
The 20% who has the perfect natural curl.