Different Eye Shapes

Protruding, almond, downturn, hooded eyes, monolids, uneven lids.

We must learn the eye shapes and brow bones.

Where to lift, to open and to shorten.

Recommendation to creating a design is like how makeup would be applied on the eyes. Where to darken, highlighted to pop, winged to lengthen, or shorten.

You also have to learn lifestyles, if the client if high maintenance, wears glasses, or if they wear makeup. Allot or a little? Are they going to come every 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 4 weeks?

You as an artist have to determine what category each clients will fit in by age, ethnicity, lifestyles. It is up to you to tell them what week refill will they fit in.

Lift at brow arch, hooded area, and uneven folds.

Thick lids: more coverage.