Allergic Reactions & Infections

  • Understanding (contraindications) is just as important as learning the lash technique itself
  • We’ve all seen and heard lash horror stories. It is important to be able to recognize what can go wrong. By being a lash expert, you will be able to recognize lash and eye conditions before they become an issue.
  • Allergies and infections can be caused by you or by the clients.
  • Besides poor hygiene, here are some of the reasons why:
    • If you have troubleshooted and eliminated the taping techniques and adhesive allergies:
      • Extensions applied too close to the lash line, when the top lips relax on the extensions. Extensions will poke the lids. Not enough space for adhesive to dry without touching the skin.
      • Extensions applied too heavy, overhangs, and droops down to the bottom lash line when the eyes are rested. While adhesive is curing, it is touching the bottom lash line.
      • Over time with improper application, you will cause allergies and infections to your clients.
Poor hygiene
This happens if you tape pass the water line. Use fake tears to remoisten the eyes.
This also happens when you have extreme dry eyes. Recommend client to wash with teat three wash for inflammation.
Lash mites. Consult with a doctor.
Infection with pink eye. Allergies to product top and bottom.
Do not put any oils or lotion on. Clients need own natural oils to heal the skin. Skin will go through cycles of flaking to heal. Might take two weeks to three weeks for complete cycle.
makeup cringed onto cuticles under microscope lens
  • Chemical burn:
    • Client can experience some blurred vision
    • Can be improper taping where client’s eyes where slightly opened.
    • Eyes look glossy and red
    • Adhesives were not cured with environment
    • Sensitivities to adhesives.
Application applied too close to the lash time. One eyes open, the skin will relax on top of the application, which will cause irritation. Allergies to adhesives, the curing process is touching the skin.