How to use Jovi Lash Adhesives

Included in Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention Course. If you already purchased that one, do not purchase this one.


What you will learn


Learn to control and troubleshoot your work environment.


Learn the best tools to use in your work environment.

Dipping Zones

Learn how to dip for each lash type, texture, and humidity.


Learn how to use the Jovi Lash Adhesive to maximize retention.

About this Course

This is an exclusive course for Jovi Lash adhesive buyers. This course comes from a small from our Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention course. 

In this course, we go through and learn how to control your humidity, work environment, and more in order to maximize retention up to 50-70%. Learn the importance of dipping zones, temperature, humidity, hair types, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?

There is NO refunds once you purchase the course. See our full refund policy.

What background knowledge is necessary?

You must be a lash artist to understand the use of our Jovi Lash Adhesives. This course is also a small lesson from our Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention course. 

What products are used in this course?

Our Jovi Lash Black and Clear Adhesives are taught in this course. This course is taught using OUR adhesives only. 

How to use Jovi Lash Adhesives