Hands-on Training

View all hands-on training options below.

Training with NO Model

(Working on yourself)

$120 for 1 Hour Only

  • This training DOES NOT include a live model training. 1 hour hands-on training only to work on your hands-on skills. 
  • Troubleshoot your fanning techniques, prepping, and finding what tool works best for you.
  • This option includes one free glue and one lash tray best suited to your skills. 
  • REQUIRED: Bring all your tools, lashes, glues, etc.
  • This option is only available MONDAYS AND SATURDAYS ONLY.

Training with Model

Training with a LIVE Model

$200 for 2 Hours Only

  • This option will require you to complete a Full Set within a 2 hour time frame ONLY. 
  • You will learn how to run on a professional time schedule in a controlled environment (salon).
  • Supplies will be provided during this training. 
  • REQUIRED: Bring your favorite tools that you are comfortable with using.
  • This option is only available MONDAYS AND SATURDAYS ONLY.


Mentorship advice for your business

$100 Deposit (1 Hour ONLY)

  • 1 hour brainstorming from Kim Nguyen.
    • Brainstorming ideas on how to jumpstart your business from Kim Nguyen.
    • Advice on how to build your business.
  • Your $100 deposit will credited towards building your website with partnership website design business: Nathan Allan Co. 
  • Additional payment is required for your website. This includes a remaining balance to finish your business website, as well as a monthly or annual subscription to keep your website online (web hosting).