Foundation & Fundamentals: Lash 201


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What you will learn

Lash Language 201

Learn the important terms and facts in lash language 201.

Lash Curls

Understand which curls to use on a more broad base clientele.

Hair 201

Learn the different types of hair and how it plays a role in lashing.

Inner & Outer

Learn how to lash inner & outer corners and what to avoid.

Tips & Tricks

All clientele is not equal, learn the tips & tricks on what to do.


Learn what to do & what to avoid when lashing sensitive clients.

Other Artist's Work

Learn about other lash artists’ work & how to work over them.

Working in Sections

Learn how to work in sections in a more advance way.

Lashing 30+

Learn how to properly lash an older base clientele.

Eye Shapes

Learn how to lash a variety of eye shapes and what to avoid.

Blending 201

Learn how to blend your designs in a more advance way.

Changing Designs

Learn how to change designs based on curls, blend, lift, etc.

About this Course

This is a continuation course after Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention, and How to do Volume and Classic Refills. This course will teach you about the foundation & Fundamentals of Lash 201, a more intense learning curriculum compared to our first course. In this course, you will learn lash language 201, lash curls, hair 201, lashing inner & outer corners, tips & tricks, sensitivity, understanding another lash artist’s work, working in sections, lashing 30+ year olds, lashing a variety of eye shapes, blending 201, and how to change designs on clients. 

It is recommended to complete our first 2 courses (Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention, and How to do Volume & Classic Refills) to understand Lash 201. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?

There is NO refunds once you purchase the course. See our full refund policy.

What background knowledge is necessary?


Complete Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention, and How to do Volume & Classic Refills to understand this course. 

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Yes, we highly recommend to go through the course in the order it is organized in, as the content builds on information from previous lessons.

What products are used in this course?

Our products! Jovi Lash Extensions has a full online lash extension supply store. We highly recommend to use our products during and after this course to match your work with ours, and to be able maximize your retention with our adhesive.

Foundation & Fundamentals: Lash 201

$99 $120