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Our Approach

We’ve created these courses for students to learn at their own pace. It takes a lot of practice to learn the art of lashing, but we are here to guide you through this path.

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Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention

$49.99 $99

Length: 2+ hours of video content.
Learn: Hair, Lash Language 101, Curls, Humidity, Dipping Zones, Taping, Fanning, Sanitation, Washing, Soak off, and Classic & Volume Set.
Recommendation: None (First Course)


How to do Volume & Classic Refills

$39.99 $49.99

Length: 46 minutes of video content.
Learn: Refill a Classic Set, Refill a Volume Set, Scale Back, Change Curls, Pull Correct Trays for a Refill, Hygiene, Allergies, Hair Stages, & Lash Cycles.

Recommendation: Completion of Foundation & Fundamentals: Retention


Foundation & Fundamentals: Lash 201

$99 $120

Length: 2 hours 50 minutes of video content.
Learn: Lash Language 201, Lash Curls, Hair 201, Inner and Outer Corners, Other Lash Artist’s Work, Working in Sections, Sensitivity, Eye Shapes, and Tips & Tricks.

Recommendation: Completion of How to do Volume & Classic Refills

Meet Our Lead Instructor

Meet Kim Nguyen, master lash artist and owner of Jovi Lash Extensions. Kim has been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 23 years, and has been lashing for 10 years. She had a successful manicurist career for 18 years, but due to health reasons, she decided to take the leap of faith and pursue lashing full-time. She has encountered many mistakes, practiced many techniques, wasted money, etc. To master her craft, she invested in training, she traveled, joined lash seminars, lash wars, lash shows, and others to further her knowledge.

She opened an online store, Jovi Lash Extensions, in 2019. She was a one woman show. However, due to her overbooked schedule at the time, she had to turn many new clients away. She was ambitious to find lash artists to join her team, which is where the Jovi Lash Team came to be. She successfully helped the Jovi Lash Team get to where they are today, and is willing to help more lash artists succeed in the field of lashing. Kim has now launched online courses for many others to get to know the way the Jovi Lash Team lashes.