Controlled Environment

Why should we control our environment with humidity and temperature? What does it mean when the manufacturers adhesives says .05 sec? 1-2 sec? 3-4?

Controlling the humidity and temperature at all time in you room while you are applying your application is very important because the application will not slide back and forth. The adhesives is already setting and curing as you are working, so when your client leaves your room, their extensions are half way cured and they do not need to worry about it sticking together or fans closing. Some adhesives requires a hold for a few seconds, so once you release your isolation, the neighboring lash will not cling onto the application.

Example: Experience lashers will apply application and release isolation in .05 sec. this is great for classic sets. You have no fans to hold in place.

For volume lashers: place the application and hold for 1 or 2 seconds. It will take 1-2 sec for application to hold and wrap, then release.

For beginners : 3-4 seconds release time gives new lashers time to think and practice on mutiltasking for before the adhesive sets and drys to quick.

You will know if your adhesive is dried before your attachment because it will pop off.

For untrained artist: they may not have retention issues but they have poor application

Lashes attached to neighboring lashes with too much application.

Closed fans: lashes closed due to humidity and the release time

This artist has no retention issue but have poor isolation. Overtime this client will experience alopecia hair loss